Red Wing Brewing Company

Just outside the downtown area of “pretty little Red Wing”, you’ll find a line of restaurants and motorcycles. This is also where you’ll come upon Red Wing Brewing Company.

A modest, yet beautiful taproom, fits right in with the aesthetic of historic downtown Red Wing. With only a 3.5 barrel system, small batches are key for Red Wing.

Here, I drank a Jordan Creek IPA (ABV: 5.2%,  IBU: 43), followed by a Ski Jump Special – this round of the brew was a brown ale with citra hops. The combination of a dark beer with citra hops was surprisingly pleasant, and fit the taproom energy well.

Caitie Turcotte, a recent high school graduate, offered me a piece of advice: Figure yourself out by doing what you want. At first, Caitie did not think she was old or experienced enough to offer any advice. She soon opened up and reflected on her experiences with this transitional period of her life. Little does she know, this lesson likely won’t change with age.

Red Wing.png

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