Insight Brewing

After my sister forced me to sweat the weight of a small child in her yoga class, I convinced her to join me for a beer just down the road. While the promise of a food truck was unfulfilled, Insight did fulfill our wishes for great beer.

True to form, I opted for a citrus IPA, Troll Way (ABV: 7%). You can’t blame a girl for this habit, when a citrus IPA is what truly turned me on to craft beer. Insight describes this brew as “Bitter and balanced. A West Coast style IPA. Brilliant bouquet of grapefruit and tropical fruit on the nose with hints of peach and lemon zest.” My sister ordered a coffee pale ale, a brew that amazed us both as to how the ever-approachable pale ale could be favorably combined with widely-loved coffee. For the first time ever, I think I’d prefer the pale ale over the IPA.

Though the brewery itself was cozy, but not cramped, we opted to drink our brews on the sunny patio. A little too happy after a good workout and no food, we tried for food delivery, but no restaurant was a match for our grumbling stomachs. Sadly, we had to leave after just one drink, but that was not before I received my advice from a beertender.


Emily told me, “Listen to your gut. It’s usually right. But apply it rationally, obviously. I’ve listened to mine a lot recently, as part of striving for personal and community happiness.”

When she told me to listen to my gut, I assumed Emily would offer me examples of intuition and personal growth. Her comment about community happiness was an unexpected reflection on the importance of creating good energy not just in your own life, but in your community as well.

Something to chew on…thanks, Emily.

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