Inbound BrewCo


Garage doors wide open to the streets of the North Loop, Inbound BrewCo practically sends a paper invitation to craft beer geeks and casual drinkers alike.

Seated around the bar and throughout the large, hardwood tables, you’ll find funky artists, happy hour groups, first dates, and corporate-sponsored events.

I bellied up to order an Abbey Dubbel (ABV: 7.3%), a surprise filled with rich, sweet, and fruity flavors. The full description from the Inbound website: Dark brown in color with strong hints of dark fruit including raisins, prunes, and dates. Wide gamut of maillard notes resulting in complex chocolatey, caramel flavors. On the nose you’ll get a mild spice of coriander and black pepper.

Joe, my cheeky beertender,  offered me a bit of advice. “When friends leave town or want to move somewhere else, I tell them to have a job there. If you don’t, take the first one you get. It will make you grounded and want to stay.” This advice comes from Joe’s experience with moving around, making friends, and staying in touch.


To me, Joe’s advice was less about financial security, and more about creating roots within a community and being a responsible citizen. Working within your community can be just as important as making friends at your local brewery. For beertenders like Joe, the two can turn out to be the same thing.

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