Fitger’s Brewhouse


When coaching a soccer game in Duluth, at least one brewery pit stop is required.Because it was a Monday afternoon, I decided to be a semi-adult and limit myself to one brewery. The establishment named Minnesota’s Best Brewpub by The Growler made for an easy pick.

Positioned almost in Lake Superior,  and using its waters in their brews, Fitger’s Brewhouse offers a perfect taste of Duluth. The warm building materials, antique signs, and architectural details all contribute to the sentiment that Fitger’s is a cornerstone of the city.

Ravenous, I ordered a chicken artichoke sandwich with tater tots that have impacted my life in a deep and meaningful way. For beer, I opted for the El Niño Double Hop IPA (ABV: 7.2%, IBU: 112). Why did I opt for their hoppiest full time beer, doubled? Sometimes Monday’s call for that kind of action. The flavor wasn’t lost amidst the hops, and the dry hopping was notably delicious.

My advice came from Maggie, our friendly server. “Always trust your gut. I’ve been trying to do that a lot more the last few years, because I think your gut is usually right. Whether it’s a relationship or a job or a silly dream, listen to your instincts.”


As I spend more time as a real adult in the “real” world, I’m learning just how accurate Maggie’s advice is. There are far fewer guidelines to point me in the right direction than I expected. Until I’ve gained the wisdom necessary to consider myself capable of independence, I’ll keep my ear to my gut.

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