Indeed Brewing

The Indeed Brewing taproom is one of several visit-worthy breweries in NE Minneapolis. Something about the setup both reminds you but also lets you forget that you’re in a neighborhood of converted industrial buildings. There is an air of privacy to the space, but the architecture itself is by no means modern.

Plagued with the choice of several tantalizing beers, I opted for the Midnight Ryder, a black IPA (ABV: 6.5%, IBU: 80). The brewery describes the beer on their website: “When the clock strikes Midnight Ryder, complex notes of chocolate, caramel, and roast collide with six varieties of American hops to create a resinous, piney Black IPA. After Midnight, expect the unexpected. ”

If that beer description isn’t enough to encourage you to try this brew, I hope my personal recommendation will.

After enjoying a game of shuffleboard, chowing down food truck pizza on the patio, and petting any dog that looked at me, I turned to the beertending team for advice. They sent me to Matt, the friendly face who checked my ID at the door. He offered not just advice, but a whole story to back it up. Here’s what he told me:

“Come up with a personal mission statement. A life mission statement guides your work and your life.”


When Matt was working at a family camp, he found the inspiration to create his personal mission statement. Someone there told him about his own statement, and how he and his wife used their statements to check in personally. From there, Matt decided to craft his own: Through love, honor, and hard work, I will strive every day to enrich the lives of those around me.

Part of Matt’s mission statement comes from the Miami of Ohio fight song, which begins with “Love and honor to Miami”. Matt believes those two qualities will get a person a long way in life. He comments on the rest of his statement:

“Every person is somewhat–by nature–selfish, so I try to focus on selflessness. I find enrichment through service to others. Aside from helping them, I’m just trying to be a good part of their life. Whether it’s a listening ear, influential person, or a bear hug when they need it. It gives me energy, and it’s good for others.

“I use my mission statement to check in and ask what in my life is or isn’t following it. Unlike most advice, this is totally personalized; it’s good advice for someone looking for direction in their life.

“A guiding force is just as important as personal and career goals. It is less about what you want to accomplish, and more about who you want to be. At those times when you need guidance, you can reflect on the mission statement.”

While Matt’s advice is sound, it also challenges me. It requires me to take more responsibility than any other advice I have received, but that’s probably a good thing. I plan to work on my personal mission statement and fine tune it in the next year. For now, I am grateful to people like Matt for their honesty and vulnerability.

P.S. Matt created GetKnit Events. If you haven’t heard of this company, check them out now.

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