Lake Monster Brewing


After living there for a summer, I’ve come to understand St. Paul as an underrated city. The parks, homes, and restaurants all offer a chance to explore and discover new favorites. This point is further proven by the city’s kickin’ beer scene.

Lake Monster Brewing should top your “must visit” list not just because it has lots of parking and is accessible by public transportation, but also because it’s open on a Monday. Oh, and the beer is great, too.

The Lake Monster website says the brewery derives its name from the legends of infamous lake monsters (think: Loch Ness, Lake Pepin). There are folks who believe in these monsters and find them worthy of curiosity and exploration, similar the same way the Lake Monster founders feel about beer.

Lake Monster’s story is a reminder of why so many people love craft beer–the opportunity to find your own Loch Ness Monster. It’s why beer drinkers chat in forums, research new approaches, and test out new theories. The great possibility of what we might discover makes the pursuit that much more intriguing.

This sentiment ties well to the advice I received from Aaron Yasga, beertender. His comment to me came naturally, when I asked to order a half pint. He responded, “Why start small and go big, when you can start big and go bigger?” Though we were discussing the size of my Empty Rowboat IPA (an experience that offered the full-blown hoppiness expected of an IPA while maintaining great flavor), we both recognized the comment could be understood differently in a less specific context.

Lake Monster.png

Why do we feel the need to start with hesitancy? To doubt ourselves, to fear the potential failure? Life’s too damn short. Start big. Go bigger. Find your Loch Ness Monster.

P.S. One of my favorite parts of this blog is meeting the kick-ass beertenders. Aaron was chill and quite helpful to the friend I brought along, who has limited experience in craft beer. Bless the beer geek who doesn’t let ego get in the way of explaining beer to newbies in terms of its similarity to Blue Moon.

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