Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

Continuing my St. Paul brewery journey, I headed to a place built for beer nerds: Tin Whiskers.

What’s with the name? It’s as nerdy as the brand, which is awesome. The brewery explains on their website. The TL;DR version: Metal whiskering is a phenomenon which occurs in electrical devices…small metal hairs or tendrils grow between metal solder pads, causing short circuits.

The brewery’s mission to “make “technically excellent beers” took shape for me in the form of their Flip Switch IPA (see what I mean about the brand?). It’s described as an “American IPA with deep citrus and grapefruit aroma, malty backbone and a relaxed bitterness” (ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 63.9). This beer punches you right in the teeth, and slowly fades away with a flavor that is just right. 10/10 would order again while playing beer trivia in the sun-filled taproom.

This visit’s advice came from Mick, a bearded beertender gracious enough to find time to chat with me on a busy afternoon. When I ask for a piece of advice, many people request for some examples to send them in the right direction. One I give is (pardon my French) “Don’t be a dick.” Mick’s advice piggybacked off my own, “…but don’t be afraid to piss people off.” According to Mick, “No matter what you do, someone will always think you’re wrong.”

Tin Whiskers Quote

I’m learning that beertenders oftentimes have an attitude of doing your own thing and finding happiness in the process. Mick seems to have this attitude on lock while still being a genuinely nice guy, and I like it.

Cheers to you, Tin Whiskers. Let’s drink together again soon.

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