Great Waters Brewing Company

When beer turns into brunch, you know it’s going to be a good day.

I spent my Saturday in St. Paul, hopping from one brewery to the next. My first stop of the day was Great Waters Brewing Company, one of Minnesota’s older breweries, knows what’s up.

A bit of history from their website: Great Waters Brewing Company opened in March of 1997. Located in the Historic Hamm Building in the heart of downtown Saint Paul, we are just steps from all downtown arenas, theaters and hotels. Our building rests on the original site of the St. Paul Cathedral, where we are blessed with a natural spring water well. The secret to our fabulous hand-crafted beers: holy water from this well!

A half pint of an easy pour–the Golden Prairie Blonde (ABV: 5%, IBU: 18)–quickly turned into a late breakfast featuring fried eggs. I also got to sample a big of the Habanero version of my golden ale, a special brew for Minnesota Craft Beer Week. As the person my beer could have been named after (a midwestern girl), I didn’t expect to tolerate the habanero, much less truly enjoy it!

My advice came from Eric, the brewery’s manager. When he worked in a corporate restaurant, many of Eric’s employees were high-school aged students. Every day, he asked what they learned at school. He usually received an uninspired, “Nothing…” in response. But, one day, an employee named Sarah gave him an answer that he still carries with him: “Your attitude is your choice.”

Eric explains, “You can’t control your emotions or your body chemistry, or the people around you, but you can control what your emotions turn into.” Eric seems to have this figured out pretty well, given his positive, well-balanced energy. This perspective helps explain the (sometimes chaffing) eternal optimism of some people, and makes it seem a more approachable goal.

Great Waters.png

Eric also gave me a piece of his own advice: “Everybody has a last day–both at work and in life.” The folks at a brewery get pretty close, Eric explained, oftentimes spending an hour together over a beer after their shifts end. Eric knows that one day will be his last day at Great Waters, and on this earth, which helps him make choices that he will be proud of.

Get your attitude right, and you can do things that reflect a life well lived.

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