Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Fair State is a cooperative brewery–the first of its kind in Minnesota. “Our goal is to put the natural connection between brewer and community to work to create something that truly belongs to us all. Creating infinite community and quality craft beers.”¬†Owners’ pictures cover a wall in the taproom–a testament to their focus on community and conclusion.

I drank a Session IPA (ABV: 4.8%, IBU: 45) on the sunny patio. Bright, with a bit of weight, it was an ideal pour for the crisp spring weather.

My advice came from the beertender, a friendly woman in her 40s. “Don’t rush into finding your lifelong relationship. If a human can have 7 careers in their lifetime, having at least three significant relationships in your life is important.”

Fair State Quote

When she was 21, the beertender moved to Puerto Rico to work for a family member. After love, loss, and plenty of adventure, she met her now-husband at 32. They married three years later and¬†spent their honeymoon backpacking in Costa Rica. She is now 48 with two kids–8 and 10 years old–whom she and her husband bring on adventures.

She admits having children a bit later in life may make her tired, but she would never trade her rich life experience. This advice resonated with me, as I’m at an age where settling down is considered a natural step forward. In a time when shiny rings and new homes are filling my newsfeed, it’s comforting to hear that delaying those realities can still lead to fulfillment.

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