Bauhaus Brew Labs

I might be a little biased, but I think Bauhaus is a kick-ass brewery. Last summer, I drank beer and ate amazing food at one of their food truck events, and I have been in love ever since. My official visit was no less impressive; despite being almost overwhelmingly busy, every beertender was very kind to me and gave me their advice when they found a small break in their work.

First, what is Bauhaus? The definition according to their website: “During its brief existence in post-WWI Germany, the Bauhaus School was among the world’s most famous art and design schools…Here at Bauhaus Brew Labs, we live by the Bauhaus concept that the joy of art and craft should be celebrated as a part of everyday life.”

I have come to understand the definition of Bauhaus as wonderful German beer and lots of taproom fun. I don’t think they would disagree with that definition.

My beer for the day, a Sky-Five! (ABV: 6.7%, IBU: 70), was perfectly suited for Bauhaus’ patio. The hops practically jumped out of the glass and into your nose.

I received a couple pieces of advice in passing from different beertenders–all in good humor, and worth repeating here.

“Wake up early and eat three square meals a day. I also like to leave my top button undone.”

“Mixing whiskey and tequila doesn’t make you sick; being drunk enough to mix whiskey and tequila makes you sick.”

My official advice came from Aoife (pronounced ee-fah), who was simply a delight. She described her first piece of advice as “a bit dodgy”:

“Sometimes it’s okay to let other people make decisions for you.”

So, she opted to give me a few others as well, scribbled on the back of a receipt:

“For Jesus’ sake, tip the server.”

“Life’s too short to tolerate shitty people.”

“You don’t have to have the loudest voice to be heard.”

“Look for the humor in every situation.”


This compilation of quotes paints a pretty clear picture of Aoife and why all the other beertenders told me she had to be my official advice for the visit (and why I thought she was so cool). Her compilation of handwritten notes paints a portrait of a person who knows the importance of having a good (and maybe even rowdy) time at a brewery, and getting back to the grindstone, working hard, the next day.

Aoife’s advice inspires me to drink a beer with friends, but to make sure it’s good beer and good friends.

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