Able Seedhouse & Brewery

Able focuses on creating beer with locally grown ingredients. In an old Edison light bulb plant, they sell that same beer to local folk (while putting out water for their pups). A large garage door slides up, opening the brewery to a patio, and letting in plenty of fresh air and sunlight. Ahh, summer.

The brewery’s building readily implies a sense of manual labor, which aligns with its values. Take a look at this excerpt from the Able website:

There was a time when everyone valued the calluses more than the tweets. You would measure your day by what you had built, grown or made and it might be something you’d pass down a generation or two. We’ve forgotten this. Most don’t think they can do things anymore. It’s time to remind people that they are Able.

I ordered a half pint of the First Light IPA (ABV: 6.0%, IBU: 60). At this point in my day, I’d already made stops at Bauhaus and 612, so my tasting notes consisted of “really good citrus bright light.”

The advice I received from my beertender, Emily, keeps with the Able brand of simply doing good work.

Able Seedhouse.png

When it comes to ambitions, we can spend plenty of time in preparation (read: procrastination). Emily’s advice reminds me to stop spending time hemming and hawing, and to just get to work. Whether you’re getting calluses on your hands, or tired eyes from late nights staring at your computer, find your work and start doing it.

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