Granite City Food & Brewery

Granite City is a bit of an anomaly to me in my craft beer journey. Thus far, the breweries on my tour have been to single taproom locations, usually still a bit wet behind the ear. Because Granite City has so many locations, I opted for the easy choice (something you I try to choose in life, when the opportunity presents itself) and went right down the road to the St. Louis Park location.

The evening had turned into a 9:00 dinner following an attempt to stick with my New Years Resolution, so I opted for a pretty great asian chicken salad with my beer. Life is about balance, right?

Granite City is known for their food as well as their beer, and my drinking buddies ordered two of our server’s favorite dishes: cajun pasta and the “big show” burger. The server also recommended I try the Batch 1000 Double IPA (ABV: 7.8%, IBU: 76). It turned out to be a solid beer; one I would easily order a second time, but not tonight because–you know–New Years Resolutions and all.

(Forgive the iPhone photos…I forgot my camera at home.)

Our server, Brandon, offered me a very honest and meaningful piece of advice: “Do the right thing. I’d give you beer advice, but I don’t drink beer anymore, and for me that was doing the right thing. I still enjoy serving beer though, and having fun with people who enjoy it.”

Granite City.png

I am so grateful to Brandon for this advice because not only did it require he share a personal story with a complete stranger, but it also shows the diversity of what “doing the right thing” can mean. The concept is far more complex than telling the cashier when he gives you too much change, or inviting the new kid to sit with you at lunch. The real beauty of Brandon’s advice was how he felt about giving it–proud, yet humble about his journey. I’ll raise a glass to that, Brandon. Keep doing the right thing.


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