Urban Growler


Fresh off a buzz from Nepalese food at Everest On Grand, I stepped out of the rain and into the doors of Urban Growler. Despite the overflowing tables, the host earnestly directed me towards the  bar.

Here, a bartender leaned in my direction before I even had the chance to reach for a beer menu–not that I needed one, because he promptly recommended the Midwest IPA (ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 60). “You have to have that one. It’s the best,” he explained. I bellied up to the bar while my gluten-free drinking buddy ordered a homemade lemonade.

It wasn’t until I was halfway into my (great) beer that I realized the brewery is woman-owned and -brewed. A staff member later told me that the owners often choose to not advertise their gender, as they want to be known for their great beer above all else. Needless to say, they accomplished the feat, and gave themselves a +1 in my book.

Eventually, curiosity grabbed ahold of me, and I ventured toward the “hayloft.” Ever Minnesota nice, a staff member made time to lead me upstairs into a private event space, adorned with local art. He described the artist and the gallery to me, also answering my questions about the Urban Growler logo design (inspired by a farmer’s plow, with a nod to an influential brewery, and the imagery of people communing).

My advice came from the same bartender who made my beer recommendation, Anders. “Never stop telling stories, because real life will never be as interesting.” He answered my follow-up questions enigmatically, so I decided to let this advice tell its own story.

Urban Growler Quote

Good folks and good beer characterized my experience with Urban Growler. The service was seamless, despite the crowds, and every interaction left a pleasant taste in my mouth. Needless to say, I’ll be back soon to get a taste of the burgers I was eyeing from the bar.

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