Lakes & Legends Brewing Company

My evening at Lakes & Legends was warm, thanks to both the good beer and the great company (and perhaps a bit too much hammerschlagen).

This brewery is anything but tucked away. Lakes & Legends is situated prominently in Loring Park, which means parking is either difficult or expensive. Despite the big location, the taproom offers an understated tone and a warm atmosphere.

Though I am no expert in feng shui or interior design, I will make the argument that someone at Lakes & Legends knows what they are doing. The high ceilings, grand windows, artfully scattered seating, and yard games simultaneously invite exploration and relaxation. The Yard, a quirky touch, is a section of turf dotted with lawn chairs facing an enormous projection of the March Madness tournament.

Lakes & Legends describes themselves, “We specialize in┬áBelgian and Farmhouse ales supported by┬álimited-release beers that find inspiration from global flavors and use ingredients that bring to life the seasons of The North.”

My evening drinks were Marigold (Belgian Golden Strong Ale, ABV: 7.7%, IBU: 25) and Bitter Farm Hand (Belgian India Pale Ale, ABV: 6.9% IBU: 71). Both beers are true to the Belgian name, and each made me fall in love with Belgian style beer in their own way.

My advice for the evening came from my beertender, Grace. “My friend and I are dumb and text each other hashtags a lot, and one thing we say is ‘Live #ForTheStory’ which means live in a way and do things that will become a good story later. Even if it’s dumb or stupid, or you get in trouble, just go for it.”

Lakes And Legends Brewing Company Quote

Living for the story means releasing your inhibitions (a la Natasha Bedingfield) and taking risks outside your comfort zone. If you can’t do so because you know it’s good for you, then do it for the story. Then, share that story over a beer.



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