Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery

After a butt-kicking yoga class, I was more than ready for a hearty lunch of beer and burgers. Town Hall did not disappoint in the least. (To be honest, I’m considering going back regularly just for the french fries.) While the food was exceptional, I was more impressed that Town Hall proved itself a brewpub that refused to sacrifice its identity as a brewery.

It might have something to do with the fact that the brewery opened in 1997 (making it practically ancient in terms of Minnesota craft beer), but Town Hall’s beer selection is diverse and high quality.  I opted for a Red Shamrock (Single Hop Irish Red Ale, ABV: 5.4%), while my date branched out with the Tequipel (Tequila Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel, ABV: 8.7%).

True to its name, Town Hall feels like a meeting place for all kinds of people. Between its location on the fringes of downtown Minneapolis, the inviting food and drink menu, and the building’s historic touches, Town Hall “attracts a diverse crowd of college students, business people, professors, theater patrons, and many more.”

My advice on this visit came from a server, Kyle Johnston. After some time for contemplation, he told me, “Cherish the little moments–the great beer, the meal with friends. It’s those little moments that you really remember.”

Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery Quote

I couldn’t agree more with Kyle’s advice, and I would add a reminder that cherishing the little moments requires that we all slow down a bit. We aren’t really capable of multi-tasking, especially when it comes to being present enough to enjoy a small moment.

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