Sisyphus Brewing

“To truly live, is to throw yourself, head on, into what can distract you from the meaninglessness of a single human life in a constantly expanding, nearly infinite universe.”

This is the philosophy behind Sisyphus Brewing (named for the ancient Greek legend). To focus on that which you love, and maybe even find meaning in it. That’s why co-owner and head brewer, Sam Harriman brews small batch beer. Sam and his co-owner/wife, Catherine Cuddy,  also work the bar together, which means they spend their days immersed in craft beer.

Sisyphus is a straight-forward, but cozy taproom in Minneapolis, across the street from the Walker sculpture garden. The crowd ranged from craft beer geeks to a pair of parents with their newborn.

The two beers I tried were Isaac the Fax Man (American IPA, ABV: 7.4%,  IBU: 83) and The Juice Is Loose (Double IPA, ABV: 9.5%, IBU: 103). Both proved drinkable, while still complex–the height of what most craft beer aims to be.

My date and I also played shuffleboard, refusing to abide by the posted house rules (consider it my handicap).

My advice came from Sam, who stayed true to the brewery’s story: “Focus on what’s in front of your face, and not something bigger.”

At the end of their story, Sisyphus Brewing comments, “One need not imagine us, or Sisyphus, happy.” This statement is contrary to the legend of Sisyphus, which states we must assume he is happy accepting his fate of completing a meaningless task in a meaningless life.

The brewery’s response inspires one to not settle for meaningless tasks simply because our existence is meaningless, but instead to create a rich life by pursuing tasks that we love.

Sisyphus Brewing Quote

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