Nutmeg Brewhouse

Nutmeg Brewhouse brings a sample of your favorite cuisines from around the world to a brewhouse “south of the river.” Inspired by the regions once taken over by the British colonial empire, the menu options include everything from tuna to kebabs.

I opted for a flight of Nutmeg’s 4 beers on tap: Shipmate’s IPA (ABV: 7%), Frontier Amber Ale (ABV: 6.9%), Wheat Wiess (ABV:5.3%), and Mild Porter (ABV: 6.2%). Each of the beers fills your mouth with a unique flavor.

While I enjoyed the flight as a whole, the porter was (surprisingly) my favorite. Normally, I prefer just about any style over a porter, but this one won my heart.

My advice for the evening came from Jeff, who quoted Ellen Degeneres: Be kind to one another.

Nutmeg Brewhouse Quote

Dan explained that he has a long history in serving and beer, and it has shown him the power of simple kindness. “You never know what somebody is going through,” he further explained.

This advice led me to question how our lives would change if we made a habit of infusing our daily interactions with a small dose of kindness. My conclusion: good things. Lots of good things.

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