Fulton Brewing Co.

What better way to end a workout than with beer and pizza? Answer: There is none.

The Fulton taproom is located in the North Loop of Minneapolis, just outside the Twins stadium. With high ceilings, plenty of natural wood, and a gorgeous patio, Fulton can hold its own in the world of craft breweries.

Because I brought a gluten-free drinking buddy, we assumed our options would be limited. However, we were pleasantly surprised at their craft soda options (she opted for a fantastic ginger beer), and Pizza Luce delivered a G-free pie right to our table.

I paired my pizza with an Imperial Red IPA, The Libertine (ABV: 8.5%, IBU: 50, SRM: 29). This red was described to me as “especially red and malty,” an evaluation that held true and impressive. The beer description itself is enough reason to order it a second time: “A libertine is someone living free of society’s restraints.”

My advice this night came from Erik Diley, who seemed to be doing a bit of everything that night. Though he was busy doing his job as part of the brewery’s marketing team, he also managed to check our IDs, take our beer orders, and set us up with the food delivery menu.

Erik gave us some pretty intimate insight into the story behind the suds, as he knows the founders personally. His dedication for the beer–and for the other foundations of what makes Fulton beer unique–were clear in how he talked about its history and future.

Erik pointed me towards Fulton’s manifesto for some great advice and  a better vision of the brewery. Here’s a look at the words Fulton lives by:

  • Complexity and approachability can and should coexist in beer.
  • Excellence is not cause for pretense.
  • Everything worth doing is worth doing with soul.
  • In business, doing good and doing well should be the same.
  • Passion is the ultimate differentiator.

In addition to the manifesto, Erik gave me a piece of his own advice. It’s something he reminds himself of every day, by setting his phone alarm. (This alarm is also a reminder to set up his annual Fantasy Football league’s trip and to get ordained so he can preside over his sister’s wedding. He’s a busy guy, okay?)

Fulton Brewery

Be grateful, help others. I suppose there’s not much else we need to practice if we want to do good in this world. Though these two commandments can be practiced independently, Erik chooses to pair them with one another, and I love it. Erik’s daily reminder shows how gratitude and empathy can be intertwined. By practicing thankfulness, we soften our hearts and become more empathetic; by practicing empathy, we are more aware of and thankful for our own lives.

Fulton Brewery Quote

Psst…my guess is that Eric was there working so late because he was planning for the Fulton Gran Fondo. Check it out here!

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