Bad Weather Brewing Company

Packed with beer-drinking people, staffed by efficient and friendly folks, and filled with an unseasonably warm February breeze, Bad Weather Brewing was anything but bad.

I ordered a Windvane (Red IPA, ABV: 6%, IBU: 65) and sampled a Belgian Pale Ale as well as a Galactic Tide (Rye Porter, ABV: 5%, IBU: 33).  The red was definitely my brew of choice, though the other two still impressed.

The brewery is located in a bustling St. Paul neighborhood, within walking distance of the Science Museum (where I spent the remainder of my afternoon). Though it seemed designed to fit as many patrons as possible, the brewery maintained a cozy vibe.

With the Minnesota weather hitting 50 degrees in February, the massive, windowed garage doors rolled up and the corn hole boards sat ready for play. The combination of great weather and a buzzing crowd made for an easy Saturday afternoon pour.

Becca McDermott, a beertender, took a moment between filling orders and closing tabs to give me a piece of advice:

“Do what you want. I never thought I could have a career in this industry, but I just got a promotion to a salary paid job after 4 months working here. I never thought I would have a job in this industry, but it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. So, do what you want, and don’t have any shame in it.”

Bad Weather Brewing Quote

That sounds like the kind of woman I want to be friends with.

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