Eastlake Brewery & Tavern

The Midtown Global Market is a bustling center of activity populated by diverse local businesses. Whether you want your hair braided, or you’re in search of great tamales, all you need to do is head to the MGM. In fact, I once ended up there, eating Indian food after some confused excursion to buy cactus from a Mexican market.

This lively market is where you’ll find Eastlake Brewery–tucked in the corner of a historic building, with views of the 21 rolling by.

Located in a place where I can only imagine real estate is in high demand, East Lake makes the most of its humble square footage. The brewery is surprisingly cozy, and it’s easy to settle into conversation.

Both the beers I sipped are from their mainstay: Laeger-Hagemeister Pale Lager and Shoot From The Hip Belgian IPA. Two very different taste experiences, but both great beers. Their official descriptions do them justice:

Shoot From The Hip – Guava, passionfruit, and lychee hop aroma are all over this one.
Medium-dark caramel malt keeps things sweet enough to knock out the bitterness,
while the Belgian yeast leaves the finish dry.

Laeger-Hagemeister – A beer like this fosters summertime in Minneapolis’ dirty south, so grab a pitcher
of the Champaign, Illinois of beers, and let it happen.
Pairings: food (seriously, any of it)

The guys at the bar were far nicer than they had to be – forgiving when I had to guess how to pronounce the beer I ordered, and enthusiastic about the blog.

Kyle, a beertender who might look intimidating had he not just given me a fist bump, served as my muse for life advice on this venture. He offered me two little nuggets, because that must be just the kind of guy he is.

Eastlake Brewery Quote

“I’m old and crusty now, but I traveled when I was your age.” (FYI, Kyle seemed neither old nor crusty, but I’d love to hear about his travels one day–when he isn’t busy running the bar.)

Nugget two is a little less life, and a little more beer. Not that there’s much of a difference between the two.

Eastlake Brewery Quote

I spent a fair amount of time researching this one, and it’s really a lesson in basic drinking etiquette. If the bartender gives you a drink on the house, it’s more than just a free beer; it’s a gesture.

Would you reward a kind gesture by throwing it on the ground and stomping all over it? No. So, tip your bartender, even for free drinks. Especially for free drinks.

Want to learn more about tipping etiquette? Vinepair doesn’t want you to be a barbarian, Thrillist went a little overboard on the information, and this Yelp user has his own philosophy:

Yelp Tipping Comment

If you’re really struggling, WikiHow gives you a guide with photos.

P.S. I take all the photos for this blog, including the ones above. Please don’t steal them.

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