The Herkimer Pub & Brewery

The Herkimer Brewpub is an unsuspecting locale, on the edge of Uptown and just up the road from LynLake Brewery. This old-school, no-nonsense brick building makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into a scene from Cheers.

A long, rectangular bar dominates the center of the floor, with flat screens hung from the ceiling displaying whatever sports are on that day. The bar stools are half-filled, while booths and high-top tables dot the outer walls. Now and then, when conversation lulls, you can hear epic throwback tunes like The Jackson 5’s Rockin’ Robin, and Earth, Wind & Fire’s September. You can’t help but dance. The beer helps.

I ordered a Lutz IPA, their top-selling brew of the style (ABV: 7%, IBU: 76, SRM: 15). I also sampled a High Hop Red (ABV: 5.9%, IBU: 33, SRM: 31). I’d never sampled a Red Ale, and I was pleasantly surprised. This brew truly embodied the word amber, in my inexperienced opinion. If I’m being straight with you, I would drink an entire growler of the stuff if you’d let me.

A brief description of the brewpub from their website: Established in 1999, the Herkimer Brewpub is located at Lake & Lyndale in Uptown, Minneapolis. We brew small batch craft beer, serve award-winning food and have become a local neighborhood favorite.

I chatted with Megan, a beertender at The Herkimer. Once again, I dropped a bomb on her–asking for a piece of sage wisdom. After some thought, she came at me with this: “Say yes more often.”

“I used to say no to anything outside my comfort zone. When I got a post-graduate opportunity to spend a year in Europe, I was going to turn it down. But, all my friends told me, ‘You’re an idiot if you say no to this.’ So I went, and it was an amazing experience. And now, I never would have thought I’d be a bartender because it was so outside my comfort zone, but here I am!”

Herkimer Brewpub

Thanks for saying yes, Megan. I couldn’t agree more.

P.S. Please forgive the iPhone photos. I obviously prioritize drinking beer over lugging my camera everywhere I go.

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