LynLake Brewery

As a lover of Uptown, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of brews at LynLake. The brewery is within walking distance of some of the best Uptown bars, and the rooftop patio is an ideal location to enjoy a sunset and bon fire combo.

The interior design compensates for the fact that a Minnesota brewery can only make use of its patio 5 months out of the year (depending on how brave the patrons are). Edison bulbs hanging from bicycle wheels emit a warm glow, and killer graffiti sets a chill vibe.

Though parking may be the pits, LynLake makes up for it by partnering with local food establishments for delivery. World Street Kitchen: You have my heart.

My favorite part? Occasional throwback tunes. If you’re lucky, you just might hear some of TLC’s Waterfalls on the speakers.

I drank a Take 6 (IPA, ABV: 5.7%, IBU: 77, SRM: 9), and sampled a Rubbish (Oat Amber Ale, ABV: 5.8%, IBU: 25, SRM: 17).

I asked beertender Wes King for a piece of life advice. He told me: “Drink great beer in moderation.”


Take Wes’ advice. Life is short, so live it responsibly and treat yourself.

P.S. I take all the photos for this blog, including the ones above. Please don’t steal them.

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